Song Hye Kyo Shares Emotional Experience Filming Scars Scene in ‘The Glory’ Series

In the Netflix series “The Glory“, Dong-eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) suffered from school violence in high school, leaving burn scars all over her body from being beaten with an electric iron and hair straightener by her attackers.

In episode 6 of season 1, Dong-eun shows her scars to Ju-yeong (played by Lee Do Hyun) after taking off her clothes.

Song Hye Kyo revealed during a conversation with the audience at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul’s Gwangjin-gu on March 8th that she had to spend four to five hours getting her burn scars made up, almost completely starved herself for three days, and didn’t drink much water the day before the shoot.

She said this was the most challenging scene to shoot for season 1. The event, held before the release of “The Glory” season 2 on March 10th, was conducted privately with the press.

According to Netflix on the day, Song Hye Kyo expressed her concerns about playing a victim of school violence before the release of Part 1 last year, saying, “I was worried that if the drama didn’t receive a good response, it would be because of me.”

She added that she questioned herself during each scene, wondering if she was doing it right or not.

In Part 1 of “The Glory“, Dong-eun becomes a teacher and visits the home of her former homeroom teacher who covered up the school violence.

To pressure the homeroom teacher, Dong-eun approaches his son and builds a relationship with him.

Song Hye Kyo recalled a memorable line from the shoot, “The dialogue I had with my senior at the teacher’s house, ‘You did nothing wrong. But even then, I was not at fault, and I was only eighteen years old’ hurt my heart so much.”

She also said that her most memorable line from Part 1 was “There is no forgiveness. So there will be no glory.”

In the recently released trailer for “The Glory Part 2“, Dong-eun says to her school bullies, “Don’t laugh like that.”

Song Hye Kyo said, “It’s a very important scene for Dong-eun in Part 2, and it’s heartbreaking for her.” She added, “I shot that scene in the latter part of the shoot. It was just like lightning.”



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