“The Glory” actress continues to impress fans with how much she has changed in the latest stills from her upcoming drama

In the latest stills, the actress shows a quiet sophistication.

Fans are still amazed by how much Cha Joo Young has changed for her new drama, The Real Has Come, which is coming out soon.

The Real Has Come! stills were released on March 8 by KBS. The upcoming weekend drama should be a lot calmer than Cha Joo Young‘s hit show The Glory, which is airing right now.

In the stills, Cha Joo Young‘s character from The Glory can’t be seen at all. For her next drama, the actress ditches the conceit she showed in her last one and goes for a more mature and low-key look.

The story of the romance between a pregnant woman and a man who is not married is told by actors Baek Jin Hee and Ahn Jae Hyun.

Cha Joo Young will play the executive secretary of a big company in the drama. People say that Cha Joo Young‘s character is someone who takes care of herself.

Cha Joo Young recently talked about why she chose the weekend drama, which is well-known for having more than 40 episodes. In an interview, the actress talked about the show before the first episode aired.

“I wanted to act in something longer, so I chose a drama. I had fun reading the script, and I liked that I couldn’t guess what the characters would do or how they would get along.” Choi Joo Young

As for how she changed her style for her next role, the actress said that, unlike her gaudy character on The Glory, she went for a simple elegance.

“I tried to show a woman who is sophisticated without being showy. The character thinks it’s a skill to take advantage of other people, so I hope that when she sneaks out of trouble, people will see her as a quiet, sophisticated woman.” Choi Joo Young



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