BLACKPINK’s Jennie proves that even an injury can’t stop her from slaying the fashion game!

“The Chanel global ambassador Jennie Kim.”

Fans are always amazed by BLACKPINK‘s Jennie’s perfect style, whether she’s performing on stage or…


Or she could use the airport as her own runway.

Before leaving for Malaysia on March 3, Jennie told her fans on Weverse that she had hurt herself while working out. She still told her fans that she would “feel better soon.”

I’m just telling you first so you won’t be surprised.
When I was resting, I took care of my health by eating well and getting enough sleep. But when I was working out, I tripped over my foot and fell, leaving a small scar on my face. I want to get better quickly so that BLINKs doesn’t worry, but it’s still healing, so I’ll have to wear a band-aid on my face for a while. Please understand, even though I look confused. I know I should put on a great show for everyone, so I’m sorry I’ll look like this. Please don’t worry, I’ll feel better soon, and I’ll see you soon.

— Jennie

Fans sent the idol well-wishes right away, which made Jennie explain that she hadn’t been taking as many photos as usual because of her injury.

“Since the news is out, I’ll take a lot of pictures with my band-aid face.”

“Because… I don’t have time to take pictures these days because I have to go to treatment every day. Sorry BLINK.”

Soon after that, she posted a few photos before going to the airport.

Where she was polite to the media while using her sunglasses to hide her injury.

But Jennie didn’t hide her bandage at BORN PINK‘s concert in Malaysia. During the “Typa Girl” dance, she even pointed to it.

Jennie recently went to Incheon airport again to leave for Paris fashion week, and this time she wore a bandage as part of her stylish look.

Fans couldn’t get enough of how friendly and beautiful the idol was.

There’s no doubt that Jennie will always be the most fashionable person ever. She can turn anything into an accessory, even a bandage.



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