“I’m so proud of you” — IVE’s Leeseo Begins High School at Hanlim Arts High School

March 2nd marked an exciting day for IVE‘s Leeseo as she officially became a high school student at Hanlim Arts High School.

The formal matriculation ceremony for Hanlim Arts High School took place on this day, and Leeseo was among the many students starting their new academic journey.

The school shared Leeseo’s interview clip on its official YouTube channel the day before the official first day of school, where Leeseo expressed her excitement about starting high school.

In the video, she greeted her classmates and stated that she was thrilled to be starting her high school life at Hanlim Arts High School. She also wished her fellow students a happy and enjoyable academic year.

Netizens were quick to congratulate Leeseo on her new academic journey, with many expressing their excitement for her future. Some comments included:

“I’m so proud of Leeseo for starting high school! She’s already accomplished so much, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.”

“Congratulations, Leeseo! You’re going to do amazing things in high school and beyond!”

“IVE’s Leeseo is such an inspiration to young people everywhere. She’s showing that it’s possible to pursue your dreams while also getting an education.”

“Leeseo is going to have an incredible high school experience at Hanlim Arts High School. I’m so excited for her!”

“Congratulations, Leeseo! I’m sure you’ll excel academically and creatively at Hanlim Arts High School.”

Overall, netizens were excited to see Leeseo begin this new chapter in her life and wished her all the best in her academic and personal endeavors.



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