“Single’s Inferno 2” Casts Jo Yoong Jae And Kim Han Bin Display The Same Personality By Choosing The Same Lady From Both Seasons

If they had been in Season 1, they would have fought over the same woman.

Even though Single’s Inferno 2 is over, Jo Yoong Jae and Kim Han Bin are still showing that they are the same type.

Yoong Jae and Han Bin were both attracted to Choi Seo Eun during Single’s Inferno 2. While Han Bin might have been interested first, once Yoong Jae and Seo Eun went to Paradise together, he only had eyes for her.

Seo Eun still gave Han Bin a chance and went to Paradise with him once, but it was clear that she only liked Yoong Jae.

Even after the show’s finale, Yoong Jae and Seo Eun are still together. They’ve been seen on public dates, and they recently got together with some of their co-stars for a fan meeting.

Yoong Jae and Han Bin stayed friends even though they both liked the same woman. Since the show ended, they’ve hung out together and talked a lot on Instagram.

They even made YouTube videos where they went camping together not too long ago.

Seo Eun was talked about a few times in the new video, which wasn’t a big surprise. Han Bin said there’s no one else he likes besides her, even though there were rumors that he also liked Lee So E.

When asked if they would go to Inferno again, they both said it would depend on whether or not Seo Eun was there. So, they both like her still.

But Seo Eun is not the only woman they both like. When asked about their favorite woman from Season 1, they both said An Yea Won, who was a fan favorite.

When the men found out they had chosen the same woman in both seasons, they couldn’t help but laugh. They really do look exactly the same!

Yoong Jae and Han Bin like women who are charming and happy.

Kim Han Bin: I was charmed by Yea Won. I couldn’t get out.

Jo Yoong Jae: Why do our thoughts overlap, Jo Yoong Jae?

We certainly can’t blame them! Both on the outside and on the inside, Seo Eun and Yea Won are beautiful women.



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