BLACKPINK’s Jennie sustains facial injury while working out and assures fans of a speedy recovery

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie personally announced that she had suffered a facial injury. On the 3rd of March, Jennie wrote on the fan community platform, Weverse, “I’m writing this first because I didn’t want everyone to be surprised for no reason.”

She explained, “While taking a break, I was taking care of my health, eating and sleeping well, but I stumbled and fell while exercising and hurt my face.”

Jennie added, “I wanted to quickly recover so that Blink (BLACKPINK‘s fans) wouldn’t worry too much, but my face still hurts a bit, so I will wear a bandage on my face for a while, even if it looks a bit silly, please understand.

Jennie apologized, saying, “I’m sorry for showing you this appearance when we have to put on a good performance,” and reassured fans, “Don’t worry, I’ll get better soon and we’ll meet again.”

BLACKPINK is currently in the middle of their largest world tour, “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK],” which is expected to draw about 1.5 million fans.



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