Rosé of BLACKPINK Takes Center Stage at YSL’s Fashion Show: 11 Unfiltered Moments of Her True Beauty

Rosé from BLACKPINK just showed off her beautiful looks at the YSL fall 2023 fashion show. Check out some of her natural beauty in the videos below.

She did really well on the “Getty image” test.

No changes? No problem!

Her small dress and big coat go together perfectly.

She’s charming and beautiful!

Her looks in real life stand out in the bright lights.

We wish we were as close to Rosé as she is!

She can’t stop smiling!

This picture is so sweet.

She looks like an angel as she moves through the crowd.

Fans noticed that her contact lenses might be dry, but even the way she blinks is cute.

Dua Lipa + Rosé = <3

This friendship means the world to me!

Here are some beautiful photos that were taken of her at the event.

She is really shining.

This quick glance!

She gave the camera a beautiful smile.

She loves every minute of doing press for the event.

She knows everything!

She’s always nice, even when she’s leaving.

Plus, her luxurious aura never fades!

Rosé is giving rocker vibes!

We’re here because of how cool she is.



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