Pregnant, But Make It Fashion: “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Honey J Shows Off Her “D-Line” in a Fashion Magazine, Wowing Netizens

The coolest woman we’ve ever seen who was pregnant.

Honey J, a dancer for Street Woman Fighter, just had an interesting and stylish maternity photoshoot in Singles magazine.

With a title that translates to “Honey J, Who Is Carrying Love,” the soon-to-be mom struck a pose in high heels and a black dress, leaning back to show how full her baby bump was.

She also flexed her muscles to show the crowd that being a mother takes strength and power.

Honey J was pregnant with a heavy baby, but that didn’t stop her from being cool and trendy. In this picture, she is wearing Salvatore Santoro, Alexander Wang, and Dsquared2.

Netizens were shocked and impressed by her photoshoot. They said things like, “I can’t believe this is possible for a pregnant woman who is almost due to give birth,” and “She’s so professional.”

“Her stomach is big for her body. LOL I used to have a stomach like that when I was pregnant with twins. It looks like she might have a son hehehe”

“Wow, she’s so cool! I should have taken a D-line photo like this lol”

“Wow… She is so cool and hip. I really like this idea.”

“It really is an O-line lol. The rest of us feel like we have D-lines lol.”

“Wow, this is awesome!”

“It’s not easy for a photoshoot of a woman who is almost due to give birth to look this good.”



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