Somyi, Former Member of DIA, Defends Her Choice to Smoke Despite Negative Fan Feedback

Former DIA member Somyi has been causing a stir online after she posted a smoking selfie on her Instagram account.

The singer, who is now an internet broadcast BJ, posted the photo on the 27th, with no particular caption.

In the photo, Somyi can be seen holding a vape in one hand and exhaling smoke from her mouth. While some fans were supportive of her choice, others expressed disappointment and concern about the potential negative effects of smoking on her health.

One fan left a comment saying, “Cigarettes… it’s getting worse. Som unnie,” expressing their disappointment. However, Somyi showed a defensive attitude in response, saying, “Whether I smoke or not is up to me.”

The fan expressed disappointment, saying, “It seems like you’ve changed a lot from before.” This comment sparked a debate among fans about the singer’s image and whether or not it has changed over time.

Meanwhile, Somyi debuted as a member of DIA in 2017 but announced her departure in January last year.

Since then, she has been pursuing a career as an internet broadcast BJ, gaining a following for her entertaining and engaging live streams.

While it is ultimately up to Somyi to make her own choices about her health and lifestyle, her fans have expressed concern about the potential negative effects of smoking on her well-being.

Hopefully, Somyi will take these concerns to heart and make decisions that are best for her health and happiness.



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