Soccer Star Son Heung Min Stuns In New Batch Of Super Hot Underwear Pictorial For Calvin Klein

Football player Son Heung Min will continue to be the brand ambassador for Calvin Klein underwear this year. The spring 2023 campaign featuring underwear photos has been released.

Following the Calvin Klein underwear campaign in the fall of 2022, Son Heung Min conveyed even healthier body and greater confidence developed through football in this spring campaign.

This season, Calvin Klein underwear unveils the 1996 micro line with an iconic logo that incorporates Calvin Klein‘s unique identity on eco-friendly micro materials.

In addition, the company releases new products, including the athletic micro and air FX tech micro lines with moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials to maintain a lifestyle even after active exercise such as football.

The Calvin Klein underwear 2023 spring/summer collection worn by Son Heung Min can be found in Calvin Klein underwear stores nationwide and online malls from the 27th.



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