One Netizen Heavily Criticized for Insisting aespa’s Concert Was Not Sold Out

One netizen has found themselves at the center of controversy for repeatedly insisting that aespa‘s recent concert was not sold out.

The netizen’s post, which claimed that there were still many empty seats on the third floor of the concert venue, quickly went viral on Nate’s community board Pann.

However, many other netizens were quick to come to aespa‘s defense, pointing out that the third floor of the venue is typically harder to sell out due to its higher cost, and that aespa and their fans should be commended for filling the space as well as they did.

Despite this, the original netizen remained steadfast in their claims, even going so far as to insist that there were still empty seats even after the concert had ended.

“You can see that the 3rd floor sill has so many places left” – Netizen

Other reactions included:

“It’s pretty full for a place that’s considered “empty”, though. The fans and aespa did well.”

“It’s hard to fill up the third floor, right? Even the third floor costs about 150K won. Do you think these would be easy to sell? Anyway, they’re kids who make a lot of money, so you shouldn’t make fun of them.”

“Is selling out now important? I like an artist who works for the same company, but I’ve always wondered why trolls are so against selling out. Cut it down… You make it too clear that you’re looking at celebrity Galleries.”

“Anyway, female idols get their money from the general public, so stop feeling bad about yourself.”

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