Did “We Got Married” really have no script? Hwanhee sets the record straight

Singer Hwanhee revealed behind-the-scenes stories about the filming of “We Got Married,” where script controversies arose until the end of the show.

On the 26th, Hwanhee uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel titled “Hwanhee’s We Got Married Reaction and Comment Reading.”

In the video, Hwanhee said he would review the broadcast of “We Got Married,” which he filmed with Park Hwa-yobi in 2008, as it has recently been appearing in shorts and other YouTube algorithm recommendations.

Hwanhee said, “Many people have said while watching the video, ‘Isn’t this going according to the script?’ I think I’m probably in the top three of Korean entertainers who can’t follow the script. I don’t know what happened later, but at that time, there really was no script.

If Hwanhee had to describe the script he received at the time, it would have been something like “Today, the dog poop couple have a housewarming party.Hwanhee said that they didn’t know what to do, so the camera just followed the two of them.

It was almost like reality. We only appeared in a Chuseok special once, and after that, we became regulars because the viewers found us entertaining,” he added, emphasizing that “We Got Married” was the best among the broadcasts that were done without a script.

We Got Married” has been surrounded by numerous script controversies even after its end. In particular, these controversies were even more intense when idol members appeared.

While Hwanhee expressed his confidence about the script, some argue that there may not have been a script in the beginning, or that the tension of the entertainers in the early and later stages of “We Got Married” were different.



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