BLACKPINK Jennie’s Thoughtful Gift To Jisoo Showcases Her True Personality

BLACKPINK member Jisoo showed off the pajamas gifted by Jennie.

On the 27th, Jisoo uploaded a vlog titled “COPENHAGEN vlog” to her YouTube channel, “Happiness Jisoo 103%.”

In the video, Jisoo was staying at a hotel in Copenhagen during the European leg of their world tour and said, “We have a concert tomorrow and we’re moving the next day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to film well, but I’ll do my best. .”

She added, “When we arrived earlier, there was a Christmas market in front of the hotel, and it was so bright. But when it became 7 o’clock, everything closed down, and it became so dark. I heard they close early here. If I have the chance, I’ll film after the concert“.

Then, Jisoo showed her Hello Kitty pajamas and said, “These are the pajamas that Jennie gave me. She couldn’t just pass by after seeing it and feeling guilty. They’re really big, so I’m wearing them as pajamas. They’re so cute. Jennie, thank you.”

The next day, Jisoo looked out at the scenery in front of the hotel and said, “I really want to go to the market, but we have to go to the concert.” After the concert, Jisoo went back to the hotel and visited the market. She said, “I’m collecting snow globes. I have about 40 at home,” and enjoyed shopping.

At the end of the day at the hotel, Jisoo said, “It’s hard to pack and unpack. I have too much luggage. I’ve been out for about a month, so I have three to four suitcases. It’s even hard just to open and close them.”

The next day, Jisoo went to Nihaven in Copenhagen with her family and had a good time before going to Berlin.



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