IU talks about how she makes friends and builds close bonds with others and we couldn’t agree more

IU recently took the time to talk about herself, including how she makes friends, her favorite show or movie, and plans for her next album.

On February 24, Harper’s Bazaar magazine put a clip of an interview with IU on their official YouTube channel.

IU answered some questions from fans that were written on Post-It notes and put on a board during the interview.

The first question was about how she gets to know someone she’s interested in. IU told, “When we first meet, I don’t flirt right away. If I like someone, I set up a second date with them. This is how I flirt.”

One fan asked, “Do you go up to the person you want to get close to first, or do you wait until that person comes to you?”

IU wrote back, “I believe both. But I don’t meet many people I want to get close to, so when I do, I try not to miss the chance. I think I’ll talk to them first. I usually reach out to you first if I want to be close to you.”

IU also said that 2023 will be a busy year for her. She said that she is working on albums and a drama that will be coming out soon.

She said that she has many plans for telling her story now that she is 32 years old.

IU also talked about some recent dramas that she liked. She said, “Recently, I really liked watching ‘The Glory’ and ‘Crash Course in Romance.'”

She also said that “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” is her favorite movie of all time. She told, “I could watch it all the time. I can also talk about this movie all day with other movie fans. I even wrote the director a letter, but I didn’t send it.”



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