Brands Keep Ignoring Aespa’s Giselle, And Fans Are Sick of It

“Why do we have to go through this again and again?”

Giselle from aespa has been left out of promotional photos for another brand that the group works with. This time, it was MLB, and MYs are not happy about it.

In August of last year, MLB used a promotion for the brand’s summer collection to name aespa as their official global ambassador.

In photos promoting MLB’s shirts, shoes, bucket hats, and crossbody bags, the four members looked great.

Even back then, Giselle‘s photos didn’t show up next to her members because of a mistake on the brand’s part website.

Her name was spelled wrong in another part. This made MYs very angry, and they took to social media to tell MLB how they felt. The phrase “Aespa is four” also became popular on Twitter.

This was not the last time the brand made the mistake of leaving out the group’s main rapper from promotional pictures.

This time, it happened on MLB Korea’s official Instagram page, where Karina, Winter, and Ningning each had a post about the brand’s jacket without Giselle.

The hashtags #GiselleDeservesBetter and #RespectGiselle started trending on Twitter because fans wanted MLB to see what they did wrong and fix it.

MYs even said that Giselle works really hard to promote MLB’s clothes when she wears them.

Sad to say, this isn’t just something that MLB has done. CLUBCLIO Japan forgot to put Giselle‘s picture in their Kill Cover Fixer Cushion ad from May of last year.

In another case, it was the Korea University Festival’s Instagram account that put up separate posts with pictures of all the members except Giselle.

During the 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon, journalists from different news outlets blurred Giselle‘s face because they thought she was a member of aespa‘s staff.

Also, they didn’t post individual pictures of the idol, unlike the pictures of her bandmates.

Even aespa‘s agency, SM Entertainment, has been criticized because it took more than a week for Giselle‘s Spotify playlist to be made public, while the playlists of the other members were easy to find.

MYs keep letting all the brands and companies involved know how upset they are, and they plan to keep doing so until the problem of Giselle being left out of the group stops.



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