STAYC’s “Teddy Bear” is cementing itself as a viral song

STAYC is one of the new 4th generation girl groups that has a lot of hype around it.

The members have great looks, great voices, and great stage presence. Since their first song, “So Bad,” the girls have won a lot of fans.

With so many new talented groups coming out recently, it’s too bad that STAYC hasn’t gained as much popularity or attention as they should have.

Teddy Bear” and “Poppy,” two of STAYC‘s newest songs, have been steadily getting more and more attention and popularity, which is great news for them.

After the two songs came out, they slowly got more listeners over the course of a few weeks.

Even though it started out at the bottom of the music charts, the songs steadily moved up the charts as more and more people liked them.

Even though they came out two weeks ago, the two songs are still in the top 50 on music charts like Melon.

Netizens say that the songs’ catchy melodies are making them like them more and more. They said, “I knew the girls would do well as long as they kept promoting their idea,” “Their songs are so good,” “I really like their music,” “‘Teddy Bear’ is a song that you can listen to over and over again,” “I love NewJeans, STAYC, and IVE so much,” “I hope they become more popular,” and “All of their songs are so good.”



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