BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Makes Fashion History as Vogue France’s First Asian Solo Cover Model

Jisoo is more than just a worldwide pop star—the she’s next-generation pop star.

Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, is the first Asian person to be on the cover of Vogue France by herself.

The March cover of Vogue France was shown on February 22. Fans were happy to see that the BLACKPINK member was wearing a black dress and had long, jet-black hair.

Jisoo was “the first K-Pop star to grace Vogue France’s cover,” the magazine said. The magazine said nice things about Jisoo and called her a cultural icon.

“Jisoo is more than just a global pop icon—the she’s next-generation icon of pop culture.” Vogue France

The magazine kept talking about how great the artist was and why Jisoo was picked to be on the cover.

“Since BLACKPINK came out in 2016, they’ve become a popular group all over the world, and Jisoo is a great choice for our cover star. She’s brave, active, and delicate, but she’s never weak.” — Vogue France

Earlier, it was said that on February 20, the influencer marketing platform Lefty in France named Jisoo the world’s top fashion influencer and said that the star’s influence is worth $21.9 million.

Netizens praised Jisoo for breaking down barriers, and some said it was about time Vogue France featured an Asian model.

“The picture is all that matters. But, LOL, it’s too much that it took so long for (Vogue) France to have a cover with an Asian person on it.
“Wow, amazing.”
“She is so beautiful.”
“She’s nice-looking, LOL. On the other hand, France is crazy, LOL. I can’t believe it took the magazine until 2023 to feature an Asian model.”
“LOL, Jisoo is so charming. From the comments, I learned that the March and September issues of a magazine are the most important.
“She’s hot as hell.”
“The photo turned out great. She’s so beautiful.”

Jisoo is said to be working on her solo debut, which gives fans a lot to look forward to.



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