IU Sings Congratulatory Song at Wedding of Actor She Slapped in “My Mister”, Showcasing Loyalty and Friendship

Recently, a video of Korean singer and actress IU singing at the wedding of actor Chae Dong-hyun has been making the rounds online.

IU sang a congratulatory song entitled “Every Day With You,” which was a tribute to her friendship and loyalty to Chae Dong-hyun.

In the hit Korean drama series “My Mister,” IU played the role of Lee Ji-an, while Chae Dong-hyun portrayed the character Kim Dae-ri.

In one scene, IU‘s character slapped Kim Dae-ri‘s cheek after he made derogatory remarks about his boss during a company dinner.

Despite the tension of that particular scene, IU revealed that Chae Dong-hyun‘s humorous personality helped ease the stress and resulted in a better acting experience.

In her congratulatory message at his wedding, IU expressed her gratitude for being able to sing and her respect for Chae Dong-hyun as a senior actor.

Many people were touched by IU‘s loyalty and devotion to her colleagues, and the video of her performance has since become a hot topic online.

Chae Dong-hyun is also known for his roles in popular TV dramas such as “Blind” and “Weather Forecasters: Inside Story of Office Romance.”

His performance in “My Mister” was notable, and his ability to connect with his fellow cast members, including IU, was evident.



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