AOA Former Member Kwon Mina Reportedly Scammed While Working as Chat Service Operator

According to Channel A news on the 20th, Kwon Mina, a former member of the girl group AOA, is currently under police investigation after being scammed while working as an anonymous chat service operator.

Reportedly, Kwon Mina started working in the chat service, where men enter a chat room and female operators provide conversation in exchange for “gift” points that can be converted into cash, after being promised a high income on the 6th of this month.

Within a day, she received points worth 8 million won and requested to exchange them for cash, but the company demanded additional payments six times, claiming that she needed to upgrade her account to perform the transaction.

Furthermore, the company reportedly blackmailed Kwon Mina using personal information, including pictures of her legs that she sent to a customer, after learning that she was a former idol.

Currently, there are additional victims besides Kwon Mina, and the Seoul Yongsan Police Station is investigating the case.

Kwon Mina participated in an interview hoping that no more victims will fall prey to this scam.

Recently, Kwon Mina admitted on social media that she was scammed for 50 million won through a similar chat service. She also tried to find other victims who had suffered similar scams.

In addition to this incident, Kwon Mina was embroiled in controversy after revealing that she had suffered harassment from fellow AOA member Jimin after leaving the group in 2019.

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