Netizens LOL over “Ant-Man and the Wasp” stars Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors Hilariously Trying the Iconic K-pop Ending Fairy

They made it more like Marvel.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, Marvel’s newest movie, just came out in theaters, and to promote it, actors Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors sat down with Super Junior’s Shindong for an interview.

During the whole interview, Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors were excited and gave the most amusing responses.

Even when asked in a playful way.

Shindong‘s show is meant to highlight different celebrities and their projects, so he planned to post a video on his SNS to promote the upcoming movie.

Shindong asked the two actors if they knew much about Korea. They said they didn’t know that much, but they both want to go to South Korea.

Since they didn’t know much about Korea or K-Pop, Shindong showed the two actors how to do an ending fairy, which surprised them.

Still, they tried it right away and even got their space ready to fully commit.

Paul Rudd went first. In his ending fairy, he really became Ant-Man, but he also gave it a typical K-Pop twist.

And Jonathan Majors showed Marvel fans what his character Kang the Conqueror looked like before adding the famous fairy kiss at the end.

The two did everything they could to get the word out about the upcoming movie. They even did poses that would go viral if an idol did them on stage.



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