“Single’s Inferno 2” Fans Detect Hidden Meanings Behind Kim Se Jun and Lee So E’s Actions at Recent Public Event

When Kim Se Jun said he and Lee So E were just friends, it shocked our “Single’s Inferno 2” OTP. But that may not be true…

Se Jun joined the show later, but he quickly became a fan favorite. His relationship with Lee So E was especially well-liked. Everyone wanted them to get together because they had such great chemistry.

As they left Inferno together, it seemed like our ship was the end of the game…

Since the end of the show, it looked like the couple was still going strong. Se Jun posted some cute selfies with So E on Instagram, which broke the style of his feed.

Some of the things he and his friends said seemed to show that he and So E were also happy together.

The caption by Kim Se Jun, “So E is a very nice kid, so please show her a lot of love. Please show her a lot of affection “.

But the post has been taken down since then.

Fans cared about more than just that. Jay Lee, who works at Ascottage with Se Jun and is known as the “President of Arabtofu fanclub” (@mrleegent on Instagram), said that So E was “busy” during a live broadcast.

Se Jun also talked briefly about So E. Since he said, “I pretty her,” which means he treats her well, they get along well.

But he called her his “dongsaeng,” which means “younger sibling,” and then he praised the rest of the Single’s Inferno 2 cast, which suggests that they aren’t a couple.

Kim Se Jun said, “So E is my most precious dongsaeng. I take care of her nicely. Seriously. All of the people in Singles Inferno are nice, to be honest. They are all very nice and look great, so I hope everything goes well for everyone “.

Still, other recent live broadcasts of the cast showed that Se Jun still had feelings that were not platonic…

Fans are even more sure that something is still going on between them after their most recent meeting in person.

Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun recently got together with some of their co-stars for a fan meeting. Even more, Se Jun talked about So E and called her a dongsaeng again.

Kim Se Jun said, “So E is someone I care deeply about… To be honest and clear, we’re not dating… We’re not dating, but she’s a dongsaeng who I love and care about a lot. It would be impossible for someone to say that what I did on the show was fake. You already know this, but I’m not good at lying. I could only see So E. while I was watching the show“.

Kim Se Jun added, “We talk to each other a lot. So E comes to me when she’s going through something hard, and we talk about it “.

But when she showed up at the event, he didn’t act like an older brother or sister would.

He got excited and started hiding his face, just like he did when he was nervous around her in Single’s Inferno 2.

Se Jun also reached out to her, but he pulled his hand back quickly. He seemed to remember not to do PDA.

Later, when the whole cast got together for a group photo, Se Jun reached out to So E again. This time, he put his hands on her waist and pulled her toward the camera.

He seemed to want to pick her up so that he could see her better.

Fans can’t help but notice that Se Jun looks and acts the same, despite what he said. So, they think they still love each other, but out of respect for So E‘s acting career, they can’t be together in public.



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