“Everything has changed”, Hyun Bin opens up about life as a father and his recent transformation

Recently, the magazine “Dazed” released a photoshoot of actor Hyun Bin. The photoshoot, themed “Transition and Refreshing,” showcases the new look of Hyun Bin as a more serious actor.

In an interview after the photoshoot, Hyun Bin talked about the changes in his life over the past year. He said that he has released two movies and has also experienced personal blessings.

He spoke about becoming a father and how it has changed his life, saying “Everything has changed.”

I think everything is happy,Hyun Bin said. “Completing two movies without any problems and being able to show it to the audience is the biggest joy for me as an actor.

He added, “I went to meet and greet the audience during the New Year holiday. The moment of meeting the audience, greeting them and looking into their eyes is very meaningful and precious. It was a good time.”

Hyun Bin talked about how everything has changed since becoming a father, saying, “Things I couldn’t see before are now visible, and things I couldn’t hear before are now audible. I think more and become more careful. I’m happy.

He continued, “When I come home after finishing work, I don’t know how to express it. I finally feel that something is completed. That feeling can’t be expressed in words.” Hyun Bin talked about his happy daily life.

The actor has transformed since becoming a father, but his passion for acting and his positive outlook on life remain the same.

Hyun Bin‘s photoshoot and interview show a new and matured side of the actor, and fans are eagerly looking forward to his future projects.



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