“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young: “I Used to be Homeless, It was the Worst Time of My Life”

Single’s Inferno 2, a dating reality show on Netflix, introduced viewers to a colorful cast with impressive educations, prestigious families, and resumes that will blow your mind.

Shin Seul Ki, for example, is the heir to the plastic surgery empire her father built, and Lee Nadine is a neuroscience and computer science major at Harvard.

The actors couldn’t say what they did for a living or how old they were until they left Inferno, a desert island, and went to Paradise (a resort). Even so, internet detectives still checked out the singles’ pasts before the event.

Since Kim Jin Young was strong and brave from the start, it wasn’t hard to figure out what he did for a living. He used to be a UDT soldier and now makes content for the internet.

But that’s not the whole story of Kim Jin Young. Kim Jin Young talked about his struggles and other things in a new interview with his friend, Physical: 100 contestant Agent H.

Kim Jin Young talked about, “The best time in my life was when I finished UDT training. I had the hardest time when I left UDU. Back then, my life was a mess “.

After he left the military and started working as a swim coach, things started to go wrong. Kim Jin Young told Agent H that he fell for a job scam, which shocked him. Someone offered him a job as a swim coach, but it turned out to be in the countryside near the front lines.

Kim Jin Young started working at a new pool after escaping that scam, but he couldn’t pay rent. He lived in a boiler room instead. He said it was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

Kim Jin Young said, “I was broke. I didn’t have enough money to even make a deposit. I can’t pay the deposit or the rent. There is a boiler room, though. There is a boiler room in every building. Under the pool was a room for maintenance. In the corner of that room, there was a small space. I would sleep there every night“.

Kim Jin Young added, “It was too loud with the machines. I’d drink two bottles of soju and then fall asleep. The next day, I went to work and drank again… I really did drink two bottles every day. Everyday. This was the worst… That was the worst time in my life, I think. I got lost “.

Kim Jin Young didn’t have any friends at the time, and he didn’t want to ask his parents for money. He eventually went back to the military, where he had to deal with more problems.

Even though the training was hard and so were his bosses, he came out on top.

Kim Jin Young, who used to have trouble making a living, is now getting more opportunities because of Single’s Inferno 2 and his newfound fame. Zombieverse, a new Netflix show, will feature him.

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