TXT’s Soobin’s Handsome Looks Impress “Crash Course In Romance” Rising Star Lee Chae Min, Who Admits to Heart Skipping a Beat

Since his debut in 2019, TXT’s Soobin has always gotten attention for his unbelievable talent, stunning visuals, and genuine personality.

Soobin is one of the most-loved idols, whether he’s on stage, talking to fans, or running the show.

Lee Chae Min is another star who is getting more and more attention.

He used to be known as the MC of Music Bank, but now he is better known because he plays one of the main roles in the popular K-drama “Crash Course in Romance“.

The only thing that links these two top stars is that Soobin used to host Music Bank, but now Chae Min does.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that netizens love how TXT interacts with them while promoting their new song “Sugar Rush.”

On February 10, TXT came out again. This time was even more important because it was Eunchae‘s first time as MC for LE SSERAFIM, another HYBE artist.

Soobin was back as the special MC for a special interview in the famous Music Bank green room, where he talked to the new MC duo Chae Min and Eunchae.

As expected, the interactions between the three stars were very cute. Soobin and Eunchae showed how close they are as HYBE, and Chae Min fit right in.

At one point, Chae Min got attention for his “flirty” behavior toward Soobin, and since they’re both very tall, the picture of someone standing taller than the TXT member was really shocking.

Soobin asked Chae Min about his first impression of him during the interview.

Unsurprisingly, Chae Min was just like every MOA and netizen when he said that he thought Soobin was very tall and handsome.

Even funnier was that, after he basically told the world that everyone thinks Soobin is handsome as hell, his next comment made netizens laugh.

Chae Min said, “I don’t usually like men, but I think you’ve made my heart skip a beat.

After the conversation, netizens loved how Chae Min and Soobin talked to each other.

They made jokes about how the actor is very relatable and how the TXT member seems to spend his whole career winning over the hearts of men.



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