“Single’s Inferno 2” Drama Continues as Kim Jin Young Uncovers’s Shin Dong Woo’s Unexpected Date, Even Fans Can’t Believe It

Even though Single’s Inferno 2 is over, netizens love how close the cast still seems to be.

They are always posting updates with each other and putting out content, like videos on YouTube or live broadcasts.

Well, it looks like their close friendship might have made them spill some tea.

Kim Jin Young and Kim Se Jun surprised their fans when they did an Instagram Live together on February 8 (KST).

At first, it was just Jin Young and her best friend Kim Se Jun. When Shin Dong Woo joined, fans couldn’t hide their excitement.

Even stranger was the fact that Dong Woo seemed to be out, and he wasn’t alone. When netizens and Jin Young found out that Dong Woo was with another contestant, Lim Min Su, they were shocked.

Jin Young would have been surprised to see Dong Woo with Min Su, especially since he had a history with her.

Min Su was seen as the “villain” because her constant and unchanging feelings for Jin Young were criticized during the show, especially when it came to Lee Nadine.

But when Dong Woo gave the phone to Min Su, that was the funniest part.

Even though they had had a rough time on the island, there didn’t seem to be any bad feelings, and Jin Young couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw the two unlikely contestants together.

Jin Young didn’t try to avoid the subject. Instead, he asked Min Su straight out, “Do you have a boyfriend?” When Min Su looked confused, he asked, “What?Jin Young just asked the same thing again.

Min Su didn’t seem to hear what he said, but when she heard his question, she said, “Why, all of a sudden?” But it was clear why Jin Young was asking: he wanted to know everything that was going on (gossiping).

Jin Young wasn’t going to let it go so easily, so he added, “I thought Dong Woo hyungnim was kind of like… something, something about a boyfriend, so…

Before Jin Young could find out more, Dong Woo took Min Su‘s phone and said, “Dex…” as if he wanted to change the subject.

When Dong Woo left and Jin Young was the only one left, he had the funniest reaction as he talked about how surprised he was by what he’d just seen.

After the show was over, fans naturally took to social media to ask what was going on between Dong Woo and Min Su.

People thought they might be dating because it seemed like an oddly intimate place for two people to meet alone in the evening.

It was also strange because neither of them had shown any signs of friendship or chemistry while they were on the island.

Even though neither Dong Woo nor Min Su has said for sure that they are dating, it makes sense that people think they are.

Fans should have found out as soon as possible.



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