TXT’s Beomgyu’s Surprise Encounter With BTS’s V’s Left Him In Awe After Discovering His Real-Life Eye Size

Beomgyu of TXT has always been a loyal BTS ARMY fan, even before he joined the group.

Whenever he can dance to any song, he chooses BTS

Beomgyu, who looks up to his idol V, said that he has been watching all of V‘s fancams since before his debut.

Even now, he still watches everything V has to offer.

But he told her something that always shocks him when he meets V in person.

“I think Taehyun‘s eyes are really big, but V hyung‘s eyes are even bigger. They are serious.” Beomgyu TXT‘s

Taehyun is known for having big eyes, but Beomgyu says that V has even bigger eyes in real life.

You can see the whites of his eyes from everywhere, which shows how big they really are.

Fans joke that he always has one eye open…

…and they get even bigger when they’re fully open.

We can only guess how much he looks like a doll in real life.



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