Aespa’s Karina Shines Brighter Than Ever, Her New Makeup Style Wows Fans

Her new style is so cool.

Karina from Aespa recently changed her whole look, and people on the internet love her new style!

Karina used to wear bright makeup, such as bright pink lipstick and blush under her eyes.

The stage was just the right place for her dramatic look… but netizens think that this new look is even better for her.

With a different style and more subtle makeup that goes with her skin tone, she has a whole new look.

Karina‘s new look is fresh and pretty, and it makes people feel “luxurious.” It’s a fan favorite.

Also, her brown hair and wispy bangs look great with her new style of makeup.

Karina is so beautiful that she doesn’t need much makeup to make her look better.

After trying out this new, more delicate style of makeup, her pictures are going viral because they make her look like an actress.

No matter what style she wears, Karina‘s beauty can’t be beat!



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