NewJeans’ Minji Praised For Her Mature Response To A “Rude” Question Regarding Her Nose At Recent Fansign Event

Photo by: @someNewj

Minji of NewJeans answered a question that came out of the blue at a fansign event.

During one of NewJeans‘ recent fansigns, a netizen said she heard a woman fan sitting next to her ask Minji a “rude question that was shocking.”

The fan said that the person sitting next to her asked Minji, “Where did you get your nose done?” The fan also said that she would like to get her nose done like Minji‘s.

To this question, Minji purportedly responded: “Why would unnie [the fan] need to get plastic surgery? You are pretty the way you are, so don’t change anything.”

The fan said that she was so shocked by what she heard that she couldn’t even talk to the other group members.

Media outlets wrote about this incident and put the rumors that Minji had her nose done” in the context of the differences between how she looked before her debut and how she looks now.

Responses from Netizens include:

“Wow, Minji answered that rude question well.”

Photo by: @someNewj

Minji, let’s just be happy and not run into those weird people.”

“Minji is so friendly…it must have shocked her to hear such a personal question.”

“She is a very nice person.”

“What a professional leader”

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