NewJeans Haerin’s Hilarious Response to Their Music Show Debut Leads to Playful Banter with her Unnies

Last summer, when NewJeans came out, it was a big surprise to netizens. Even though most of the members were new to the entertainment business, their live performances and stage presence blew netizens away.

As a new group, NewJeans made a strong first impression, which has carried over to their first comeback.

A few months after their first show, the group came back and broke records with their two new songs, “OMG” and “Ditto.

With all of their success and charisma, it’s easy to forget that the group has only been together for a year. However, the members have stayed humble when talking about their success and are still trying to be the best they can be.

Idol Human Theater, an unscripted variety show that calls itself a “docucomedy of your favorite Idol’s life,” recently showed the members. There was no script, but a lot of wit.

In newly released bonus footage, the members can be seen watching their music show debut footage during practice.

Even though many people liked the stage, there was one thing that “disappointedHaerin in a funny way.

As NewJeans got ready to practice their new songs, their leader Minji suggested they watch their first performance on Music Bank to “get motivated.”

Danielle joked that she didn’t like the decision and pointed out that they needed to use practice time better after spending too much time watching how they did in the past.

The idea was to learn from watching how they did, but the members quickly remembered that YouTube now has a feature that lets people see what part of a video was watched the most.

NewJeans looked at their Music Bank performance to see what part was watched the most and found that it was the part where the members were introduced.

When Haerin heard the results, she checked the video again right away and, in a cute way, said she was disappointed that she wasn’t the most-watched part.

Her unnies immediately jokingly called her out while Haerin clarified that she wasn’t disappointed; she just double-checked because she was curious.

The second-youngest member was teased by Minji and Hanni, who said that Haerin’s tone told a different story.

The classic unnies vs. maknaes situation ended when the group’s real maknae, Hyein, cheered when it was her turn to review her part. This stopped Haerin from being asked a lot of tough questions.



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