Jennie Takes Over Public Ads: Netizens React to BLACKPINK Member’s Prolific Presence

Netizens are talking about how often BLACKPINK‘s Jennie shows up in public ads.

On an online community forum, a user named “Plastered with Jennie everywhere” wrote a post.

In the post, the Internet user showed pictures of Jennie‘s ads that were printed and put up in public places like shopping malls, subways, and the streets.

Netizens said that she is “truly a legend” and that those pictures are probably also from China and Singapore.

As a model for Chanel, Gentle Monster, and other big brands, Jennie has become a well-known face in ads around the world.

Another Internet user said, “When I went to Cheongdam, I was surprised to see Jennie at every bus stop.”

Some other comments are:

“Omg…does COCO CRUSH have a lot of products in those countries? If they’re talking about it so much? I heard that in Korea, you have to wait for the products…T T”

“I live in Beijing, and when I went to a mall and saw Jennie in the middle, I was so proud.”

“Imagine if your face was all over public places like malls and streets…”

“Gosh, how could a person look like that? They’re so pretty.”

“LOL, I can’t even imagine how I would feel if my face was always up there for everyone to see.”

Have you also seen public endorsements of Jennie?



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