Actor Jo Jung Suk Brings Back Faith in True Love with Sweet Interactions at Gummy’s Concert

On February 4 and 5, soloist Gummy celebrated 20 years since her first performance with a two-night concert in Seoul that was full of fun and included a special guest.

Jo Jung Suk, her husband and an actor, congratulated her on 20 years of a great career. Since then, a series of tweets showing the actor talking to the soloist have “restored faith in true love” for fans all over the world.

Jo Jung Suk was a hopeless romantic on stage in addition to singing an emotional duet with his wife.

At one point, he was seen staring at his wife and then, for no reason, making a comment about how beautiful she looked.

You look so pretty today,Jo Jung Suk told his wife.

When Gummy asked Jo Jung Suk when else she looked “pretty,” he didn’t hesitate to give her the sweetest answer.

Gummy: “May I ask you a question? I’m curious.”

Jo Jung Suk: “Sure!

Gummy: “When does your wife look the most beautiful to you?

Jo Jung Suk: “Well, I’m sure that everyone here knows that my wife is beautiful. Isn’t she? Tonight, you look great. But for me… I like you best when you don’t have any makeup on. I mean how you look right now. I don’t think many people have seen you without your makeup. Right?

Gummy: “Exactly”.

Jo Jung Suk: “You’ve never gone without makeup on TV or anywhere else?”

Gummy: “No, never. It wouldn’t have been good to do that”.

Jo Jung Suk: “Well, I think your face without makeup is the most attractive”.

All of the people who went to the concert agreed that Jo Jung Suk couldn’t keep a smile off his face the whole time.

One person said, “Today I learned that a man can show a woman he loves her by the way he looks at her… The whole night, Jo Jung Suk couldn’t stop staring at Gummy. It really was love.”

Back in October 2022, when Jo Jung Suk was accused of cheating, he replied and said that legal action would be taken. Fans of the actor think that the rumor was false from the start, especially since he showed his love for his wife in public at her concert.



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