“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Talks About His Ideal Type

Kim Jin Young, a contestant on Single’s Inferno 2, just talked about his ideal type in an interview with another YouTube creator, Agent H.

Jin Young and Agent H are both part of the company kthd studio, which makes TV shows and other media (also known as Kick the Hurdle Studio).

Both got the same offer to compete in Physical: 100 on Netflix and Single’s Inferno 2. Jin Young did Single’s Inferno 2, while Agent H did Physical: 100. They talked about their options and chose what to do.

The two recently talked about Jin Young’s time on the show on Agent H’s YouTube channel, Mission Possible.

Jin Young was trying to decide between Physical: 100 and Single’s Inferno 2. He said that he quit smoking because he was so determined to find a girlfriend on the dating show.

Jin Young wanted to come out of Inferno with a partner, but that didn’t happen. Agent H asked him what kind of person he would want to be with.

During Single’s Inferno 2, Jin Young, Lim Min Su, Lee Nadine, and Shin Seul Ki went to Paradise (his final choice). And Jin Young told Nadine in a recent video that he was also interested in Park Se Jeong.

At first glance, it might be hard to figure out who Jin Young’s ideal type is. However, Jin Young said that he cares most about how he feels in the first three seconds after meeting someone.

Agent H: Anyway, you didn’t show up together. Then, who do you really want to be with?

Kim Jin Young: Well, first, I really need to feel it in three seconds.

Agent H: Three seconds? What do you mean?

Kim Jin Young: Really, right now.

Jin Young “doesn’t really care too much about” body type, but he thinks it’s “good” if someone he likes works out because he “respects” people who care about their bodies and work out.

Agent H asked Jin Young to name the famous person who was most like his ideal type. Jin Young didn’t hesitate to say that TWICE’s Sana was the one.

Kim Jin Young: I always say that Sana from TWICE is my favorite. Like both adorable and hot.

And then, cute, sexy, and looking a little bit innocent. If I wrote them down.

Jin Young chose actress Kim Yoo Jung as a second example.

Even though he loves Sana more.

Jin Young says that he has a bias toward Sana because TWICE came out while he was in the military.

Kim Jin Young: Because Sana came out when I was in the army, and I was there when she did. I first saw her when I was doing something religious. I learned a lot from her back then. “Wow,” I thought when I first saw the music video.



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