Netizens say NMIXX‘s Jiwoo looks better after gaining weight

On February 2, Jiwoo and the other members of NMIXX went to the Loewe x Howl’s Moving Castle pop-up store.

The new K-Pop idol got a lot of attention for how pretty she looked. She was wearing a cute blue outfit with the character Calcifer on it.

At the event, people said nice things about how she looked. She had long bangs and a simple braid in her hair.

Even though she looked as beautiful as usual, netizens couldn’t help but notice that the NMIXX member seems to have lost a lot of weight recently.

The pictures were posted on a Korean online forum, where people talked about her weight and said that she looks “better” and “healthier” now than she did when she first came out.

Still, others felt the same way about Jiwoo. K-Pop idols are known for going on extreme and sometimes dangerous diets to lose weight quickly, and fans worry that Jiwoo may have done something similar to get to her current weight.

Fans worry even more about her because she’s only 17. At that age, she’s likely still growing and changing.

We hope that she was able to reach this weight at her own pace and in a safe and healthy way, and that she did it on her own rather than because of pressure from her company or mean comments from netizens.



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