Fans Are Falling In Love With TXT Soobin’s Hands, And It’s Easy To See Why

Korean netizens are talking about TXT‘s Soobin for a surprising reason!

On February 4, KST, a netizen posted a number of photos of the idol’s hands to an online community with the caption, “Photos of TXT’s Soobin, who seems to have pretty big hands.”

In the photos that were shared, Soobin holds things like an apple, his phone, and a carton of strawberry milk. Because his hand is so big, these things look much smaller than they actually are.

In another picture, a fan shows the difference by putting her hand in a casting of his own.

People who commented on the post were surprised by how big his hands were, saying things like:


“I want to high-five Soobin… If I put my hand next to Soobin‘s, would it also look small?”

“His hands are huge… “

“Is that a pear or an apple?!”

Fans of the idol also said that his hands are just one of the many things that make him a popular sight, with comments like:

“Can hands be that beautiful?”

“All five of them have such beautiful hands…”

“On Soobin, there is nothing that is just average or ugly.”

Soobin and the other TXT members are currently promoting their new single “Sugar Rush Ride,” which is the title track from their 5th mini album “The Name Chapter: Temptation.”



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