aespa’s Karina Recounts the Creepy Paranormal Experience That Happened to Her and Winter in the Elevator

Netizens were spooked by a freaky experience that aespa’s Karina had on an elevator.

During a casual live broadcast with fans, the aespa member mentioned a recent occurrence that made her fellow member Winter cry. 

Karina began, “One time, after we finished a pre-recording for a GOT the Beat stage, we came back to our dorm very early in the morning. We got on the elevator to head up to our dorm.”

“Now, the building we live in only goes up to about the 8th or 9th floor. There are no floors above 10.”

“But that day, when Minjeong and I got on the elevator, the elevator said, ’14th floor’.”

“Isn’t that hella scary? It went, ’14th floor’. And then after it said that once, the elevator was kind of like, ‘ooohhh wait’, and then it said the correct floor once, the floor where we live.”

“But then, right before the door opened, it said again, ’14th floor’. Then, the door opened.”

“When we came back to our dorm, Minjeong cried.”

How would you react if you were in the same situation?



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