Actor Lee Soo Hyuk Gifted a Fan an Airpod Max and Netizens Are Swooning Over His Sweet Gesture

People talked about how much actor Lee Soo Hyuk cared about his fans.

On February 4, Lee Soo Hyuk added a new post to his Instagram story, which said, “Send your ID to @kingmxker and you’ll get this. Use your money for a good purpose. Thank you, and all the best for 2023! I’ll also try to work harder this year.”

After reading her online post, the actor bought AirPods Max for her as a gift.

One of the popular trends in stanning culture is to open up a savings account and make a set amount of deposit to that account whenever a celebrity makes a new post on social media.

A fan of Lee Soo Hyuk posted that she had just opened a savings account and deposited 30,000 KRW and 10,000 KRW, respectively, because of Lee Soo Hyuk‘s post and Instagram story.

But Lee Soo Hyuk posted three Instagram posts and one Instagram story in just an hour, and a fan commented that at this rate, she could buy her AirPods Max next month.

After reading this post, Lee Soo Hyuk bought her AirPods Max right away, telling her that she should use her savings for a good cause. He did this to show how much he loves his fans.



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