TXT Spills Their Job If They Weren’t K-Pop Idols

People who stream video games, dermatologists, and a lot more!

In a recent interview with Esquire, TXT talked about what they would have done with their lives if they hadn’t become K-Pop stars.

From video games to certain subjects in school, their answers were as different as they were.

Taehyun said, “He would have been the best dermatologist in Apgujeong!”

Even though he isn’t interested in dermatology right now, he would have worked hard to get to the top.

Huening Kai has always known that he wants to be a reporter. He could have asked the questions instead of being asked them.

I’ve always wanted to be a reporter, so I would have become a reporter for Esquire!” — Huening Kai

Beomgyu, on the other hand, has several choices: The group says that he would have been an artist.

Soobin: “I think he’s in art school.”

“He’s a very talented artist,” said Taehyun.

“Yeah, he’s good with his hands,” said Huening Kai.

Beomgyu, on the other hand, had his own ideas. He wanted to be a video game streamer. The members admit that they would follow him right away.

League of Legends is the game that Beomgyu likes to play most. He was so good that he got the “Diamond 1” rank, which is a very impressive accomplishment that only 0.35% of players have reached.

Esquire didn’t tell us what Yeonjun and Soobin said, though.

Watch the rest of the video in the section below!



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