The Latest Episode of ‘Crash Course in Romance’ Triggers a Heated Discussion for a Funny Reason

Crash Course in Romance” is a new drama on Netflix that has been getting a lot of attention lately.

In the drama, a shop owner who sells side dishes called “Banchan” and a well-known math teacher fall in love.

The latest episode of the popular drama got math teachers and people who use the Internet to talk about it.

The scene that has caused so much debate is the one in which Jung Kyung Ho‘s character, Choi Chi Yeol, writes a math problem on the chalkboard.

In this scene, Jung Kyung Ho is seen writing the equation with two strokes and a square root sign.

Netizens started talking about this scene in different online communities and wrote,

Who writes the square root sign in two strokes when you don’t even have time to solve the question?”

“That’s how I write my square root sign, too.”

“Some teachers have their own style of writing, lol.”

“Who uses two strokes to write the square root sign?”

“That’s how my math teacher writes, too,”

“Usually, you write from left to right in one stroke,”

“I didn’t know there were two ways to write the square root sign.”

What are your thoughts on this?



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