“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Kim Jin Young Exposes the Time Lee Nadine Made His Heart Shake

“I laughed it off, to be honest, but you…”

During Single’s Inferno 2, Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young, two of the most popular contestants, kept showing how well they got along.

People loved how they talked to each other, and they couldn’t help but wish that they would leave Inferno together.

Even though Nadine and Jin Young didn’t leave Inferno as a couple, it seemed like they both left the island with new friends, including each other.

Recently, the two showed off how close they are in YouTube videos where they talked about working on the show.

As they watched different parts of the show, they took turns asking each other what they were really thinking or feeling at that time.

For example, when they saw the scene where Jin Young told Nadine he was interested in three contestants, Nadine finally asked him to say which three contestants he was talking about.

Jin Young also asked Nadine why she left him alone with Lim Min Su when they were having a good conversation.

During the video, Jin Young talked about a time when he tried to act cool, but Nadine‘s words made him feel nervous.

In the scene, Nadine pretty much said that she was only interested in Jin Young. Now that she was watching it back, she was curious about how Jin Young felt when she said that.

Jin Young said that he had “laughed it off” at the time, but that her words had actually “shaken him to the core.”

Jin Young even thanked Nadine “for having the courage” to be so direct with him, since she had said on the show that being so direct is outside of her comfort zone.

Jin Young said that because Nadine was so honest with him, he “wanted to keep up” and was affected by her charms, such as her beauty and the fact that she tried to talk to him in Korean even though she didn’t know the language well.



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