Han So Hee Discusses the Foods she Likes but Can’t Always Eat

Han So Hee‘s favorite food is once again getting a lot of attention.

A few days ago, Han So Hee‘s favorite food was talked about in an online community post. In an old interview, the actress talked about what her favorite food was.

This post brought up that interview.

Han So Hee told “1st Look” in a video interview that her go-to food is Ramyun. She said at the time, “I love Ramyun, but I haven’t eaten it in 100 days because it makes you gain weight. So I don’t think I’ll ever be happy again. I quit (eating) Ramyun.”

But recently, fans noticed that the actress was posting photos of Ramyun.

What did they say? “She must have loved Ramyun very much. She just put up pictures of Ramyun,” “I feel bad for her because she is an actress and can’t even eat a lot of her favorite foods. You can’t stop eating Ramyun. You just hold off until the next time you eat it.”

Many of Han So Hee‘s fans know that he loves to eat Ramyun.Han So Hee told “W Korea,” in an interview that came out on January 2, that she loves Ramyun so much that she makes sure to eat it on her flight.

She told him, “When I get on the plane, I tell the flight attendant, “I don’t need a meal, but make me a Ramyun.” Then I go to sleep right away.”

Also, Han So Hee and Park Seo Joon will be in the upcoming drama “Gyeongseong Creature.”



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