“Single’s Inferno” Kim Se Jun Finally Opens Up About His Relationship Status With Lee So E, And It’s Not What You Expect

Lovers? Friends? Siblings?!

Our OTP from Single’s Inferno 2 may no longer be together.

Even though Kim Se Jun joined the show later, he became a fan favorite right away.

His relationship with Lee So E was especially liked by viewers. They had an obvious connection, and there were so many cute moments.

When So E and Se Jun made it out of the Inferno together as a couple, we were all so happy…

Since the end of the show, it seemed like our Arabtofu couple, as fans called them, was doing well.

He added cute selfies to his Instagram, including one of So E, which broke the style of his feed.

Some of the things he and his friends said seemed to show that he and So E were also happy together.

So E is a very nice kid, so please show her a lot of love. Please love her very much.” — The caption by Kim Se Jun

So E and Se Jun might not have been together as much in public as fans would have liked, but the recent live broadcasts of the cast gave us all hope for their relationship.

Fans are worried that Se Jun and So E are no longer together because of his recent solo live broadcast.

Jay Lee, who works at Ascottage with Se Jun and is a friend, is known as the “President of the Arabtofu Fanclub” (@mrleegent on Instagram).

He was one of the first to tell us about the couple and show us a picture of them.

He also replied to a lot of comments from fans. So, he did more to ship them than anyone else.

But during Se Jun‘s most recent Instagram Live, Jay Lee told fans who commented that Se Jun doesn’t know where she is because she is “busy.”

During the Instagram Live, Se Jun did talk about So E, but the way he talked about her was strange.

He said, “I pretty her,” which means he treats her well, so it’s clear that they’re still on good terms.

Still, he called her his dongsaeng and went on to compliment the rest of the cast of Single’s Inferno 2.

So E is my most precious dongsaeng. I’m nice to her. Seriously. All of the people in Singles Inferno are nice, to be honest. They are all very nice and very pretty and handsome, so I hope everything goes well for everyone…” — Kim Se Jun

Women can call an older man “oppa,” which means “older brother,” in a friendly or romantic way.

However, dongsaeng is never used in a romantic way. It’s a term for a younger brother or sister that doesn’t specify a gender.

It’s usually used to talk about a younger sibling, acquaintance, friend, or student in a lower grade.

So, Single’s Inferno 2 fans think that what Se Jun said about So E recently means that they are “just friends.” Many are not really happy…

Still, some people are still hopeful because it is clear that they are getting along. They think that because So E is just starting out as an actress, they will get back together when she is more well-known.



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