“Single’s Inferno 2” Speculation: Kim Se Jun Might Have Been Jealous of Lee So E and Kim Han Bin’s Relationship — All This Time

Shin Seul Ki, Kim Jin Young, and Choi Jong Woo, as well as Jo Yoong Jae, Kim Han Bin, and Choi Seo Eun, might have been in a famous love triangle in “Single’s Inferno 2.” But there’s a love triangle that no one saw coming.

Before Kim Se Jun showed up, Lee So E was only interested in Yoong Jae (or so we thought). During this time, she and Han Bin became close friends because they were both dealing with unrequited love. In the end, they found out that the people they liked were together.

Even though So E and Han Bin are good friends, netizens think that Se Jun was actually jealous of him.

Many people think Kim Se Jun, Lee So E, and Kim Han Bin are the real love triangle of “Single’s Inferno 2” because of a few things they saw on the show.

You might have noticed that Se Jun kept looking over at So E and Han Bin even when he was talking to other contestants. So E might have been wearing Han Bin‘s jacket, which could have been part of the reason.

We all know that when Se Jun gave So E his jacket, that was a big step in their relationship.

This is only one of many times when Se Jun might have been a little bit jealous of Han Bin.

Even though he respected her choice to go on a second date with Han Bin, viewers noticed that he looked sad when she left and more clingy when she came back.


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But he might have been “jealous” of Han Bin and So E from the start, and he might have had a good reason. @aesiya7, a fan of “Single’s Inferno 2,” made a theory about the “love triangle” on Twitter.

She started at the beginning, when So E and Han Bin were two of the few contestants left in “Inferno.

In the scene that wasn’t shown, it looks like So E and Han Bin were interested in more than one person, and that person was each other.

When So E won the “chicken fight,” Han Bin seemed hopeful that she would choose him for a date. But she chose Jong Woo and Yoong Jae, the guy she liked.

It seems like Han Bin and So E decided to stay friends after Han Bin went to Paradise with Seo Eun.

Then Se Jun came. The “love triangle” really began when Se Jun came into the picture. So E fell, and Han Bin ran to help her.

By the time Se Jun got there, it was too late. After that, he paid her more and more attention and told her over and over that he was afraid she would fall, get hurt, etc.

During the cooking scene, it seemed like Han Bin kept coming between Se Jun and So E, whether he meant to or not, which made Se Jun sad.

Se Jun and So E had a great time when they got to Paradise. Still, some people saw that Se Jun‘s face changed completely when Han Bin was mentioned.

The next day, So E chose Han Bin instead of Se Jun to go to Paradise.

During the Paradise date, Han Bin told her he would make her feel better, cheer her up, etc. This is how he talked about the girl he likes in the beginning of his speech.

Viewers also tried to figure out what Han Bin was trying to say, and some of what they saw suggested that he might still care about So E.

Han Bin had not only promised So E that she would have fun. Even in front of Se Jun, he said, “So E just wants to have fun.”

After So E and Han Bin come back from Paradise, Se Jun wears a shirt that looks a lot like the one Han Bin was wearing when he left to go with So E. Coincidence?

Everyone was interested in the wrestling match, especially between Jin Young and Jong Woo over Seul Ki, but it looks like someone was fighting over So E. Han Bin went after Se Jun!

Se Jun didn’t seem to be the only one who thought So E was “cute.” Han Bin did too.

Even before the end, Han Bin and So E seemed to be drawn to each other. In a scene that hasn’t been shown yet, they talked, and Se Jun stood off to the side and watched.

Even though So E and Han Bin chose other people in the end, they told each other they were the “most important person” for the other.

Since the show ended, people have continued to notice things. Han Bin and Se Jun are the two men who talk to each other the least. Even online, they seem to avoid each other.

What do you think about the love triangle theory about So E, Han Bin, and Se Jun?



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