Netizens say IVE’s Jang Wonyoung looks like actress Jun Ji Hyun during her rookie days

Netizens discussed how some netizens think IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung looks like Jun Ji Hyun during her rookie days.

A member of a popular online community wrote a post called “Doesn’t Jun Ji Hyun look like Jang Wonyoung at her debut?”

Here, a netizen put up a bunch of pictures of Jun Ji Hyun when she was just starting out, showing that her face looks a lot like Jang Wonyoung‘s.

Also, both were seen with long hair, which showed that they had similar looks.

Below, you can see some pictures of Jun Ji Hyun and Jang Wonyoung:

Netizens commented:

Just by looking at this, you can tell that OP wanted to write a post to get fake hate comments and upvotes against Jang Wonyoung. Her face looks this good in a video screencap, even without any editing. It’s funny as hell to see people like Pann-girls hate on her face. No one thinks Jang Wonyoung is good except Pann-girls. This is why Jang Wonyoung is a top celebrity. It’s clear what you want to say. Just try harder with your mental gymnastics, you pann-girls. Also, you guys are using this post to pretend to be Jun Jihyun and pick on Jang Wonyoung, but in reality, both Jun Jihyun and Jang Wonyoung are f*cking successful, rich, and living great lives. The truth is that you will always sit in the corner of your room, hating other women and living a miserable life.

She looks more like Freezia

I don’t like either one of them, and I’ve never stanned an idol. I only post on Pann to ask for advice, but she reminds me a little bit of Jang Wonyoung here.

P.O. himself said that Jang Wonyoung looks a lot like Jun Jihyun.

“You look like Jun Jihyun sunbae-nim when she was wearing her school uniform”

Please excuse me, but Jun Ji Hyun in HER 90s?! You mean in THE 90s, right? Anyway, why can’t we just accept that both are pretty when they first come out and will stay pretty as they get older?

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