Netizens note on how different LE SSERAFIM’s outfits are in the Japanese “FEARLESS” MV compared to the Korean version

How are the outfits in the Korean and Japanese versions of “FEARLESS” different from each other?

On an online community forum, netizens talked about how the outfits and overall look of the Japanese version of “FEARLESS” by LE SSERAFIM were different from the Korean version.

The Japanese MV was just released five days ago, and its “kitschy” style and pastel colors made it stand out.

Some netizens, however, pointed out that in addition to the brightly colored outfits, the Japanese version also has a black-and-white formal outfit.

Japanese MV

Korean MV

Some responses are:

“Wow, it’s like they completely changed into something cute.”

“They say that Japanese fans like cute ideas before moving on to more mature ones.”

“I love all of these clothes from the Japanese music video.”

“I want to see them sing FEARLESS live in those bright outfits.”

“I can’t see them singing FEARLESS live while wearing that…”

“Not a girl crush style, but a feeling of being young and innocent LOL”

“But the outfits in the Japanese version are so pretty.”

“I think the whole plot of the Japanese music video was that the “little girl” grew up.”

“It’s kind of funny that they kept wearing all-black outfits on stage in Japan haha.”

“I adore the vibrant concept”

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