“I dont remember much” — Actor Kim Jung Hyun’s Response to Questions About His Alleged “Rude” Behavior in 2018 Angers Netizens

Back in 2021, Dispatch revealed the shocking reason why actor Kim Jung Hyun was acting so strangely toward his co-star Seohyun on the set of the 2018 K-drama “Time“.

After the scandal, Kim Jung Hyun apologized publicly and in person and said he wanted to keep acting. Since then, though, he has stayed out of the spotlight.

But as of January 27, 2023, Kim Jung Hyun ‘s TV show “Kokdu: Season of Deity” marked his official return.

Even though the purpose of the press conference was to talk about the premiere of this romantic comedy, everyone was interested in how Kim Jung Hyun interacted with his co-star Im Soo Hyang.

The leads of the K-drama worked well together when they posed for the press. Kim Jung Hyun, in particular, tried much harder to be friendly than he did in 2018.

When asked about his past problems, Kim Jung Hyun said that the break gave him a chance to get better.

Kim Jung Hyun said, “I had a lot of things happen to me. When I thought about what had happened and looked back, I was able to use the time to work on myself. I made a better version of myself for the viewers to see. I wish that people would be willing to watch me act again, but I know that I have to keep earning their trust by doing more and talking less, especially if they think that what I do isn’t good enough “.

Unfortunately, Kim Jung Hyun ‘s appearance at the press conference wasn’t very well received in Korea. When asked about his return to MBC after five years, Kim Jung Hyun said that he “doesn’t remember 2018 too well” to show how long it had been since he worked on an MBC production.

Kim Jung Hyun said, “I really don’t remember much from five years ago. Everything is different. I’m just happy to be back at MBC five years later for a press conference about a show “.

Even though people had different ideas about what the actor meant, most thought it was “rude” to the people he disrespected at the time, even if he just meant that he didn’t remember much about MBC and not about the specific incident from 2018.

Since then, K-Drama fans have mostly had negative things to say about his answer.

“He doesn’t remember…? Doesn’t sound like he’s done reflecting.”

“It would have been simpler for him to just say’sorry. He keeps making things hard for himself.”

“He’s got his soul back?”

“Not ‘Sorry,’ but ‘I don’t remember.’ I see…”

“He doesn’t remember what happened, does he?” But he will always be remembered by the people he hurt.”

“Who will watch this? LMAO.”

“He could have said that he was sorry for what he did”

“Since he doesn’t remember, I guess it’s all over and done with, huh?”

“This is awful.”

“I think they look awkward, TBH.”

“Mr. Stern! How does he still get work? We’re not out of actors or anything.”

“What a jerk, f*ck.”

“He doesn’t remember anything?!”

“I can’t believe he said he doesn’t remember… There is no hope for this man.”

“This is what bullies usually do, though. They always forget.”

On the other hand, Kim Jung Hyun‘s fans who liked him more were glad to see him back. Fans think that his time off has made him a better actor and a better person, as the actor himself said.

“Hwaiting, Kokdu! I’m really, really happy to see Kim Jung Hyun back on TV. It’s great to see him again, thanks for coming back!”

“I’m sure that he learned from his mistakes. We all make mistakes. We grow and change as we learn. It looks like he was nervous, but he did well. He sounded cautious and thoughtful, which made me cry. He can act well and has a great voice. I hope the best for him.”

“He is now stronger. That is all that matters. “Keep going, hwaiting!”

Here you can watch the whole press conference.



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