Fans Are Applauding Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan For His Response To Trolls Asking Him To “Stop Speaking Korean”

Bang Chan from Stray Kids is an idol who has been praised by fans from different fandoms for his thoughtful views on a variety of topics, especially the more controversial ones.

Bang Chan has always made STAYs proud with his open mind and kindness, whether it was about idols’ manners or toxic body standards.

Bang Chan‘s most recent weekly live stream, called “Chan’s Room,” gave fans a chance to talk to him and watch him perform. He was as cute as he always was, and he was also in a good mood.

He told everyone about how excited he was that Stray Kids would be the headliners at Lollapalooza Paris 2023, an excitement that STAYs share a lot.

And while he was at it, he tried to share his TMI for the day and had a funny little breakdown over it.

Fans paid special attention to the moment when a commenter asked him to “please speak English.

Bang Chan didn’t get angry, but he did say in a nice way that he can speak in any language he wants, even though he was speaking English at the time.

When someone else said, “Stop speaking Korean,” Bang Chan just said that watching his live stream was optional.

Bang Chan is a Korean who works as a K-Pop idol, so the best way to interpret his reaction is that it shouldn’t be surprising to hear him speaking Korean. Fans praised him right away for it.

Some STAYs joked that this has pushed social progress, while others said that over the past few months, Bang Chan seems to have entered his most real time yet, which is something everyone is very excited about.

Bang Chan has shown over and over that he is not only talented, but also a great person.



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