How does NewJeans feel when other K-pop stars perform “Hype Boy”? The Idols Politely Respond

“When I first saw it, we were really…”

From other K-Pop stars like J-Hope of BTS

…and Seohyun from Girls’ Generation dancing to “Hype Boy,” it’s clear that NewJeans‘ song has become a hit with fans and idols.

Even comedian Yoo Jae Suk had to join in on the craze, and the dance made it onto a segment of SNL Korea.

NewJeans talked to NME magazine about how they feel about all the love they’ve gotten from other K-Pop idols since their debut about six months ago.

Minji, the leader of “Hype Boy,” said that the group’s unusual use of “hype” was a big part of why Koreans love them so much.

She said, “I think it felt new and had the power to bring out a joyful energy that lifts people’s spirits once it was brought to people’s attention. “Maybe that’s why everyone was so excited about “Hype Boy.”

And when it came to seeing other K-Pop idols get hyped up to “Hype Boy,” Minji said that NewJeans had been surprised and thankful.

When we play ‘Hype Boy,’ everyone sings at the same time. It’s amazing. For example, when we go to university festivals, everyone joins in on the singing. And when “Hype Boy” was covered by other senior artists for the first time, I was both grateful and surprised. Minji

They were so happy to see their seniors cover “Hype Boy” that Hanni shared a video of SEVENTEEN singing it on their BE THE SUN world tour in NewJeans‘ group chat.

Even though NewJeans has gotten a lot of love and attention, the girls have stayed humble and grateful to their seniors and fans.



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