BTS’s Jimin Mimics Supermodel Posing for a W Korea Photoshoot

He is very good at this.

One of the many things that make it easy for BTS‘s Jimin to charm people is the way he carries himself, both on stage and in real life. Being a contemporary dancer in the past has helped him a lot with this.

Even though ARMYs have seen Jimin‘s ethereal moves on stage and in music videos before, they were surprised by how graceful he was in a recent photoshoot for W Korea.

Jimin was recently on the cover of the six different versions of the magazine W Korea Volume 2 2023. Through the pictures, the feature showed off Jimin’s unique charms, like how playful and sensual he can be.

A behind-the-scenes video of Jimin‘s photoshoot just came out on the official channel of W Korea. His way of posing for the camera was very interesting.

He moved from one pose to another with such grace and ease that it almost looked like a dance routine.

This technique might be very pretty to look at, but only a few supermodels actually use it on shoots. Coco Rocha was one of the names that most fans thought of.

Her style of dynamic posing is an icon in the fashion world, and it is clear that her dance background has influenced it.

A lot of people also thought of Zendaya, whose Vogue Italia photoshoot went viral because she used a similar pose in a behind-the-scenes video.

Zendaya, too, used to dance, which gives her the skill to move in a smooth way.

Supermodels use this dance-like way of posing in fashion photoshoots to bring the photos to life and make sure they don’t look stiff in the end.

And from the pictures taken in West Korea, it looks like Jimin was able to copy the same style without any trouble.

Is there really anything this guy can’t do?



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