TikToker says that Not All of the “Single’s Inferno 2” Men Are Prince Charming in Real Life— Some of Them are Far from Being Gentlemen

She says that at least two of them are in fact “f*ckboys.”

A TikToker is trying to show that the second season of the hit Netflix reality show Single’s Inferno is fake.

In Single’s Inferno 2, single Korean men and women who were looking for love met on the deserted island of Inferno. In the end, three couples escaped together.

Since then, the whole cast seems to be pretty close. They’ve been hanging out together since the show ended, which has made fans very happy.

Fans of Single’s Inferno have loved this season because so many of the contestants, especially the gentlemen like Kim Se Jun, Kim Han Bin, and Choi Jong Woo, have kind hearts.

Yet, TikToker Anita (@anitacorbalann) is “exposing” a couple of the male contestants as being far from gentlemen.

“This is for people who don’t live in Korea and don’t know how this country works but are watching Single’s Inferno.Anita

Anita said that she has lived in South Korea for more than a year. Since it isn’t very big, she has met at least two of the men who competed in Single’s Inferno 2.

“It is a very small country. I was surprised by the first season because I had just moved to the country, but I’ve been here a year now. Almost one and a half years. Okay? I’m not going to say the names of those two guys over there. Two guys.” — Anita

She said that she has seen the person partying more than once. She said that he was a “f*ckboy.”

“One I’ve seen going out a thousand times. He’s a f*ckboy, just like everyone else here…” Anita

Anita said she had been to the friend’s house of the other male contestant, where they drank together. She said he tried to sleep with her friend several times, which was one of the things she said about him.

Anita can’t stand to watch Single’s Inferno 2 because she says she knows their “true personalities.”

“But only the other one… I’ve been to the house of his friend. I’ve done everything with him, including drinking, and he’s just as dirty as everyone else here. I really like how they act in the show. I mean, I can’t even watch it because the first season really got to me, but now I watch it and think, “But what a fake.” God help him if he tried 300 times to get with my friend. I’ve seen him in almost his underwear.”Anita

The TikTok recently showed up again on a Single’s Inferno 2 Reddit. People on the Internet are, of course, trying to figure out who the bad guys are.

Kim Se Jun from “Walking Green Flag” is not a possibility because he hadn’t joined the show yet when Anita posted the first video.

Some Internet users say that they are not surprised by what the men are said to have done.

People act differently depending on their environment, how much alcohol they’ve had, etc.



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