“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Nadine Shares About Her Fear of Criticism for Not Being Fluent in Korean

Lee Nadine became a fan favorite right away on “Single’s Inferno 2” because of how beautiful she was and how smart she was.

This was shown when the show revealed that she was a student at Harvard University, an Ivy League school in the United States.

People were so taken with her that when she left the show on her own, they said it was because she was too good for any of the men.

Fans liked her in “Single’s Inferno 2,” but in an interview with KOREA NOW, Lee Nadine said she was worried that she and the other contestants wouldn’t be able to talk to each other during the first few days of filming.

Lee Nadine shared, “Communication was the part of the show that I found to be the most difficult. I had a hard time getting used to the language and the culture, especially in the first two days. I think I was just very nervous. I wasn’t completely fluent in Korean, so I think that was a challenge “.

After filming was done, Lee Nadine talked to the show’s producers about her worries about how viewers might react to her being on the show even though she didn’t speak Korean well.

Luckily, the staff tried to make her feel better, and fans started to like her instead.

She said, “After we were done filming, I had a hard time because I was afraid people would be mad that I was on the show even though I didn’t speak Korean well.”

She said, “They might be wondering why she is on the show. I told the producers and staff that I was worried, but they were very nice and tried to make me feel better. It turned out to be fine. Some people, if anything, thought it was cute “.

Lee Nadine said that when she spoke English, she could show who she really was. When she spoke Korean, she didn’t always know how to say what she wanted to say because she didn’t know enough of the language. This made her seem more shy on the show than she really was.

Check out the link below to see Lee Nadine‘s full interview with KOREA NOW on YouTube.

At the 3:58 mark, she talks about the problems and worries she had while making “Single’s Inferno 2” and afterward.



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